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About Us

The Brand

Curious to know more about us, you've come to the right place.

The HK Elegant brand is committed to providing you with high quality handmade products. All our creations are made ourselves with products that are as environmentally friendly as possible. Check out Our Ingredients. Each product is therefore manufactured with great care in order to provide you with a unique and exceptional experience. As a committed and eco-responsible brand, we hope to live up to all your expectations in terms of taste, quality and efficiency, thanks to our remarkable and unique candles and cosmetic products. We really want to meet your needs and that's why we offer you the possibility to personalize each of our products, whether by colors, perfumes, oils or even small messages to leave with the recipient!

Brand of candles and cosmetics created in March 2022, HK Elegant aims to make you vibrate through accessible and meticulously manufactured elements.Always eager to take care of our loved ones and ourselves, through comfort at home or quality creams and soaps, we have become true followers of well-being with us and especially of a well-done job. That's why we started creating our own products that we use with our loved ones who love them. They kept asking for more and more. One day, one of them advised us to produce on a much larger scale for our candles and creams are real beauties to her. So, after extensive research on the real spiritual and mental benefits that our creations could provide, we began to produce more of them for the happiness of our customers.

Sincerely hoping to make you travel through a wide range of scents and color that will give you a real sense of comfort and well-being in your life.

HK Elegant